Understanding Intercom Cost, Price of Intercom System, and Intercom Prices in Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton, Pretoria, East, North, West, Centurion, Midrand, Durban, Cape Town

Understanding Intercom Cost, Price of Intercom System, and Intercom Prices in Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton, Pretoria, East, North, West, Centurion, Midrand, Durban, Cape Town

Understanding intercom prices can help you choose the best system for your complex. If you’re in Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton, Pretoria, East, North, West, Centurion, Midrand, Durban, or Cape Town, this guide is for you!

Intercom systems for complexes can vary in price. The intercom cost depends on the features and brand you choose. Basic systems might be cheaper, but advanced ones can be more expensive.

The price of intercom system in Johannesburg and other areas can start at around R1,000 and go up to R10,000 or more. Brands like Commax intercom price, Kocom intercom price, Hikvision intercom price, and Akuvox intercom price offer different options to fit your needs and budget.

When looking at intercom pricing, consider the features. Some intercoms have video capabilities, while others are audio-only. Video intercoms can be pricier but provide added security.

The intercom system installation cost is another factor to think about. Installation can range from R500 to R5,000, depending on the complexity of the system and the professional you hire.

In Randburg, Sandton, and Centurion, intercom costs are similar to those in Johannesburg. In Midrand and Durban, the price of intercom might vary slightly due to different suppliers. Cape Town also has a range of options for intercoms.

To get the best intercom system price, compare different brands and features. Check reviews and ask for quotes from multiple suppliers. This way, you can find an intercom system that fits your complex’s needs and your budget.

Understanding intercom prices and costs can help you make the best decision for your complex. Whether you’re in Pretoria, East, North, West, or anywhere in South Africa, this guide will help you navigate the options and find the perfect intercom system.

Learn More about Intercom Systems.

What Are Intercom Systems?

Intercom systems let you communicate with others in different rooms or buildings. They use two-way audio for quick and clear conversations, making them perfect for large homes and complexes.

With video intercoms, you can even see who you’re talking to at the gate—adding an extra layer of security.

These systems fit right into modern lifestyles. Many have features like remote access through smartphones. This means you can talk to someone at your front door even if you’re not home.

Plus, intercoms offer peace of mind by boosting safety and convenience in residential areas.

Gate intercom systems provide added security, convenience, and enhanced visibility.

Benefits of Intercom Systems in Complexes

Benefits of Intercom Systems in Complexes

Enhance security and access control with intercom systems in complexes. They allow residents to verify visitors before granting entry, boosting safety. This simple measure can deter unwanted guests or potential threats, ensuring peace of mind for everyone.

Improve communication among residents, property managers, and security personnel. An intercom system enables quick updates about maintenance or emergencies. Residents can report issues directly to management without leaving their homes.

How Much Do Intercom Systems Cost in South Africa?

Intercom system prices in South Africa vary based on type and features. Wired intercom systems range from R500 to R1500. Wireless options might cost more due to their convenience and advanced technology.

Video intercom systems, like those by Hikvision or Dahua, add extra security but also come at a higher price.

Installation charges are included in the overall cost of intercoms, simplifying your budget planning. For residential properties or complexes, factors like size and required features will impact the final price.

Factors Affecting Intercom Prices and Costs

Audio and video capabilities influence intercom pricing. Systems with both features cost more than audio-only models. Hard-wired units often command higher prices due to installation complexity, while wireless options are cheaper but may have range limits.

Technology is driving change faster than ever.

Detailed Breakdown of Intercom Costs

Item Description Average Cost Notes
Basic Audio Intercom R1,500 – R3,500 Includes installation in standard residential settings.
Video Intercom System R3,500 – R8,000 Depending on features like video quality and connectivity options.
Wireless Intercom R2,000 – R5,000 Suitable for areas where wiring is difficult or not desired.
GSM Intercom R4,000 – R10,000 Uses mobile networks for communication, suitable for remote locations.
Installation Costs R500 – R2,000 Typically additional, varies based on complexity and location.
Maintenance Contracts R200 – R500 monthly Optional for ongoing support and updates.

Different Types of Intercom Systems and Their Prices in South Africa

Wired intercom systems Prices in South Africa

Wired intercom systems in South Africa vary in price depending on features and brands. The Commax 1:1 Audio Intercom costs R 799.00, offering a straightforward audio solution for complexes.

For those looking for video capabilities, the Hikvision Video Intercom Kit DS-KIS203T is available at R 1,999.00, providing an affordable video option.

For a more advanced setup, consider the Commax CDV-70H Hands-Free Kit priced at R 3,480.00; this system features hands-free communication with high-quality audio and video feeds—ideal for bigger complexes or commercial properties requiring better security measures.

Wireless intercom systems Prices in South Africa

Wireless intercom systems in South Africa vary in price. The EZVIZ DB2 2K Battery-Powered Wireless Video Doorbell Kit with Chime costs R 2,199.00 (discounted from R 2,999.00). These systems are popular due to their easy installation and user-friendly design.

The Centurion G-ULTRA GSM Module is priced at R 2,499.00. It offers reliable performance for residential properties and complexes.

Intercom systems provide security and convenience.

Video intercom systems Prices in South Africa

Video intercom systems are worth the investment for complexes. In South Africa, prices vary depending on features and brands. The Commax CDV-43K Video Intercom Kit costs R 2,650.00, while the Hikvision IP Two-Wire Video Intercom Kit is priced at R 4,399.00.

Commax offers a range of options: their CDV-70H Hands-Free Touch Button Monitor now sells for R 2,450.00 from an earlier price of R 2,999.00 and the CDV-43K Colour Touch Button Monitor dropped to R 1,699.00 from its original price of R 2,050.00 These video intercoms provide clear visuals and easy communication…

Audio intercom systems Prices in South Africa

Commax offers a 1:1 audio intercom for R799.00. This system is perfect for basic communication needs within complexes. For those looking to spend less, the Centurion PoloPhone is available at R514.00.

Centurion also provides a more advanced option with their 1:2 audio intercom, discounted to R1499.00 from its original price of R1799.00. Each system caters to different budgets and requirements.

Comparing Prices of Intercom Systems in South Africa

Item Description Average Cost (R) Notes
Wireless Intercom Systems
Basic Wireless Intercom R2,000 – R5,000 Entry-level wireless intercom for residential use.
Advanced Wireless Intercom R5,000 – R10,000 Higher-end models with extended range and features.
Gate Intercom Systems
Audio Gate Intercom R2,000 – R5,000 Basic audio intercom system for gate access.
Video Gate Intercom R5,000 – R12,000 Includes video feed for gate monitoring.
Popular Brands
Hikvision Intercom Systems R3,000 – R8,000 Known for quality video intercom solutions.
Commax Intercom Systems R2,500 – R7,000 Offers a range of audio and video intercom options.
Installation Costs R500 – R2,000 Additional cost for professional installation.
Maintenance Contracts R200 – R500 monthly Optional for ongoing support and updates.

Intercom Prices in South Africa

Finding the right intercom system for your needs involves understanding prices clearly. Below is a detailed table showing intercom prices in South Africa:

Type of Intercom System Price Range (ZAR) Popular Brands
Wired Intercom Systems R4,000 – R20,000 Commax, Kocom, Hikvision
Wireless Intercom Systems R3,500 – R18,000 Akuvox, 2N, Cardo
Video Intercom Systems R5,000 – R25,000 Commax, Hikvision, Akuvox
Audio Intercom Systems R2,000 – R12,000 Kocom, Cardo, 2N

Next, we will explore popular intercom brands and their prices in South Africa…

Popular Intercom Brands and Their Prices in South Africa

Popular Intercom Brands and Their Prices in South Africa

Commax Intercom System Prices in South Africa

The basic 1:1 Audio Intercom is available for R 799.00, ideal for simple communication needs. For added protection, you can get the Rain Shield & Protective Grill at R 199.00.

Looking for more advanced options? Check out the CDV-43K Video Intercom Kit priced at R 2,650.00 or the CDV-70H Hands-Free Kit for R 3,480.00. If you want something high-tech with Wi-Fi capabilities, opt for the CDV-70QT 7″ Wi-Fi Video Intercom Kit – now discounted to R 5,899.00 from its original price of R 7,199.00.

Kocom Intercom System Prices in South Africa

Kocom intercom systems offer a range of products in South Africa. Options include 1-1 and 1-2 intercoms, video kits, outdoor stations, and door cameras. Kocom colour monitors come in various configurations to suit different needs.

Prices for these systems can vary due to supplier fluctuations but remain competitive.

For example, a basic Kocom 1-1 audio intercom may start around R900–R1200. A more advanced video kit with an outdoor station and colour monitor could range from R4000 to R6500 depending on specifications.

Hikvision Intercom System Prices in South Africa

Hikvision Video Intercom Kit DS-KIS203T costs R 1,999.00. For more advanced needs, the Hikvision IP Two-Wire Video Intercom Kit is available at R 4,399.00.

For indoor settings, the Analog Video Indoor Intercom Screen is priced at R 1,499.00. Need sound amplification? The Analog Amplifier 60W goes for R 1,999.00

You can also get the Analog Ceiling Speaker 6W for only R 359.00

Akuvox Intercom System Prices in South Africa

Akuvox intercom systems provide advanced features like facial recognition and dual cameras for anti-counterfeit measures. The R29C Android Doorphone costs around R20,000 to R25,000.

For a more budget-friendly option, the Akuvox R27A Doorphone with a keypad ranges from R15,000 to R18,000. Smaller complexes might opt for the compact SIP video doorphone model R20A priced between R10,000 and R12,500.

Prices vary based on specs and functions. Video call capabilities add value—these systems support SIP v1 and SIP v2 protocols along with narrowband and broadband audio codecs. It’s crucial to consider installation costs which can range from R2,500 to over R5,000 depending on complexity.

2N Intercom System Prices in South Africa

Moving forward, 2N Intercom systems shine with advanced features and competitive prices. The 2N Access Commander Box 2.0 is impressive… connecting up to 7,000 devices! It ensures your complex stays well-managed and secure.

The 2N Clip—an IP indoor station with a four-inch video screen—is handy for visual communication. Also, QR code access simplifies visitor entry while keeping it secure. Expect to pay around R6,500 for basic models.

Cardo Intercom System Prices in South Africa

Prices start at about ZAR 2,000 for basic models but can go up to ZAR 6,000 for more advanced options.

Helmet adaptors add extra convenience if you use these devices while riding.

Intercom Prices for Different Settings in South Africa

Prices for intercom systems for Residential Properties in South Africa

Prices for intercom systems in residential properties across South Africa can vary widely. Basic wired audio intercoms start at around ZAR 1,500, while more advanced video intercom systems may cost between ZAR 4,000 and ZAR 10,000.

Wireless options are also popular due to their flexibility—they range from ZAR 2,500 for simple models to about ZAR 7,500 for feature-rich versions.

Dahua’s popular 4-wire kits offer a good balance of price and performance, typically priced between ZAR 3,000 and ZAR 5,000. For those seeking top-tier security and convenience with brands like Hikvision or Kocom, expect prices to be on the higher end—often above ZAR 8,000.

Prices for intercom systems for Commercial Properties in South Africa

Intercom systems for commercial properties in South Africa can vary widely in price. Basic audio intercoms start at around R3000, but more advanced video units with two-way audio and verification features like those from Hikvision can reach up to £1,000 including installation costs.

Wireless models may be pricier due to the convenience they offer.

Expert installers often specialise not just in traditional voice systems but also advanced GSM-based setups. Secure communication solutions are essential for businesses, enhancing both safety and operational efficiency.

Prices for intercom systems for complexes in South Africa

Consider the large-scale needs of complexes. Securi-Fire offers competitive installation prices, giving you good value. For reliable brands like Commax, Kocom, and Aiphone—you’re looking at R3,000 to R7,500 per system.

Complexes benefit from wired systems for better security and video quality. Prices start around R4,500. Wireless systems offer flexibility but can go up to R8,000 due to advanced technology.

Video intercoms provide added safety features; expect costs between R5,000 and R10,000 depending on specifications.

Intercom System Installation Cost and Maintenance Prices in South Africa

Item Description Average Cost Range (R) Notes
Installation Costs
Basic Installation R1,000 – R3,000 Standard installation for basic intercom systems.
Complex Installation R3,000 – R8,000 Includes wiring in large or complex properties.
Maintenance Costs
Annual Maintenance Contract R500 – R2,000 per year Regular service and support for basic systems.
Advanced Maintenance Contract R2,000 – R5,000 per year Comprehensive support for advanced systems.
Repair Costs
Basic Repairs R300 – R1,000 Minor fixes and adjustments.
Major Repairs R1,000 – R5,000 Replacement of components or extensive repairs.
Additional Costs
Remote Access Setup R500 – R1,500 Integration with mobile or remote access systems.
System Upgrades R1,000 – R10,000 Enhancements like video integration or expansion.
Emergency Callouts
Emergency Service Fee R500 – R2,000 per call Immediate response outside regular service hours.

Top Intercom Systems for Complexes in 2024

Commax and Hikvision lead the pack for intercom systems in 2024. Wireless options from Commax provide flexibility, while Hikvision’s video intercoms enhance security.

Securi-Fire offers one-to-one audio and video setups, ensuring tailored needs are met seamlessly.

Choosing the Right Intercom System for Your Complex in Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton, Pretoria, East, North, West, Centurion, Midrand, Durban, Cape Town

Choosing the Right Intercom System for Your Complex in Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton, Pretoria, East, North, West, Centurion, Midrand, Durban, Cape Town

Finding the Best Intercom Price

Getting the best intercom price involves comparing different brands and systems. Check prices of products like Commax, Hikvision, Akuvox, and 2N. Look at both wired and wireless options—each has its perks.

Installation fees range between R1000 to R8,000 for hardware plus additional charges.

Consider your complex’s needs—budget, scalability, compatibility matter a lot. Some companies offer free quotes for installations in Johannesburg or Sandton.

Ways to Save on Intercom Prices

  1. Opt for Basic Features
  2. Compare Brands
  3. Consider Wireless Options
  4. Bulk Purchase Discounts
  5. Look for Promotions
  6. Flexible Packages
  7. DIY Installation
  8. Used or Refurbished Models
  9. Maintenance Plans
  10. Energy-Efficient Models
  11. Negotiate Prices


1. What are the average intercom prices in South Africa for 2024?

Intercom prices in South Africa vary by brand and type. Commax, Kocom, Hikvision, Akuvox, and 2N all have different price ranges.

2. How much does a wireless intercom system cost?

Wireless intercom systems can be pricier than wired ones due to advanced features. Expect higher costs for brands like Cardo.

3. Are there additional costs for intercom installation?

Yes, installation fees add to the total cost of your system. These charges depend on complexity and location within Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton or other areas.

4. Do I need special equipment like TFT LCD screens or PABX systems?

Some advanced intercoms include TFT LCD screens for better visuals; others may require PABX systems for integration with phones.

5. Can I use my cellphone or WhatsApp with these intercoms?

Modern systems often support smartphone integration through apps; some even work with WhatsApp or Google Home devices.

6. Is it safe to pay online using credit cards when buying an intercom system?

Most reputable sellers offer secure payment options including credit card transactions—ensure they comply with privacy standards like GDPR before purchasing.