Intercoms Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions.

How quick can you replace our intercom cables?

When you find your intercom cable is damaged it would indicate that there is something that is not right with the installation and replacing the cable will not fix the problem. We can fix your cables within an hour but for the best repair services we recommend that you look into the cause of your cable being worn out or probably being eaten by mice or rats!

How much should I except to pay for your Video Entry Door Systems?

We have a number of video entry systems that you can choose and to give a price range, you should be looking to spend between R2 500 and R7 000. We have upper range intercom going up to R12 000 which offers almost all cool intercom features in one compact intercom system.

What types of intercoms do you install and repair?

We install and repair many intercom systems that are currently on the market and some of them include:

  • Audio Intercoms
  • Digital Intercoms
  • GSM Audio Door Entry
  • Video Entry Intercoms
  • Traditional Handset Intercoms
  • Integrated Security Intercoms
  • DDA Systems
  • Intercom Customizations

I already have an intercom system but would like to upgrade since it has too many problems, will I have to install a new set of cables as well?

Yes, we will completely replace your intercom system and if we can salvage any cables or components we will to save you even more money on your intercom installation costs!